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Summer of CS 2022 #SeeUsInCS

July 18, 2022
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We’re thrilled to share that our fourth annual Summer of CS was a success! Each year CS educators, administrators, school counselors, and leaders meet for a kick-off event and various, multi-day workshops for Summer of CS. Not only is it CSforCA’s biggest yearly professional development event that spans multiple weeks, but it is also an opportunity for everyone involved to learn how to make computer science education in California more equitable for all students.


We think the Summer of CS participants' reflections sum it up best: 

  • “I enjoyed exploring resources and curriculum as a student with other high school teachers and getting to see how these topics are introduced from a student perspective.”
  • “The Summer of CS is a much deeper dive into content and instructional strategies than other professional learnings I have attended.”
  • “I feel better prepared to teach the CS course to my students next year.”


This year Summer of CS reached California educators throughout the entire state. This was in large part thanks to the hard work of CS4NorCal, which represents CS educators in rural and remote school districts in Northern California. Rural school districts are 2x less likely to offer CS courses than urban and suburban schools. So we’re especially excited that CS4NorCal members turned out in such large numbers for Summer of CS; they comprised 40% of total enrollees. 


Kathy Hamilton, the CS4NorCal Project Director at California’s Small School District Association, shared her experience participating in this year’s Summer of CS: 

“[T]he beauty of Summer of CS was observing and hearing the excitement of teachers learning new content and skills, particularly coming right at the end of a stressful work year. The magic of education radiates from the interactions between skilled veteran CS facilitators and eager, curious novices. California's youth are fortunate to have the opportunity to gain necessary ‘next generation’ content and skills now from their intrepid teachers.”


Stay tuned to hear about the next installment in our Seasons of CS professional development series: Autumn of CS! 

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