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Navigating Nuance is Key to Improving Computer Science Education

November 7, 2022
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Computers may operate in binary code – but computer science education shouldn’t be black-and-white. In her recent op-ed featured in EdSource, CSforCA Executive Director Julie Flapan argues that embracing a nuanced and equity-focused approach to decision making is the key to providing high-quality computer science education to all California’s students.

Flapan argues that a one-size-fits-all approach to improve computer science education won’t work – rather, solutions should lean into gray areas and wrestle with ambiguities. Students should learn about the perils and promises of technology, because understanding both will help the CS field combat issues like racially biased AI.

With the help of the CSforCA coalition, California has already started embracing the nuances in its approach to fixing CS education. Guided by California's Computer Science Strategic Implementation Plan, the state has allocated $5 million to support teacher professional learning through the Seasons of CS program – while also administering a $15 million grant to get teachers authorized to teach computer science. Recently, California also allocated $1.5 million of its state budget towards introducing a new computer science project supporting the overall improvement of K-12 education. 
Read the full op-ed in EdSource.

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