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Social Media Toolkit - AP CS exam

May 12, 2020
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The AP Computer Science exam is taking place this year on Friday May 15. In addition to the usual challenges students face during this time, they’ve also had the added stress of school closures, remote learning and having to take their exams at home. 

As a coalition, CSforCA is proud of the resilience computer science students in California have shown throughout this experience. We want to: 

  1. Highlight the AP CS exam and students taking AP this year in CA
  2. Highlight the ongoing inequity in computer science education across the state, particularly for students of color, girls, and Black and Latinx girls. 

You can help us spread the word by posting some of the following tweets throughout the week or on exam day (make sure to tag @CSforCA in your post). Either copy and paste to Twitter, or click the link below each tweet to tweet automatically.

  • Today is AP CS exam day! Congratulations and good luck to all California students taking AP CS. @CSforCA #APCSA #APexams
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  • Despite COVID-19 interruptions, CA students are taking the AP CS exam today. You all make us proud! @CSforCA #APCSA #APexams 
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  • 1% of CA students took AP CS in 2019. Let’s increase this percentage! @CSforCA #APCSA #APexams
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  • Today is AP CS exam day across the country! Tag a student who is taking AP CS. @CSforCA #APCSA #APexams
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  • Last year, just 16% of students taking AP CS were Black, Latinx, or Native American. Let's increase these numbers this year! @CSforCA #APCSA #APExams
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  • Last year, just 36 Black girls and 453 Latinx girls took AP CS. Let’s increase those numbers this year! @CSforCA #APCSA #APexams
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You can also download and share the following graphic with your tweet:

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