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Bring Equitable CS Education to Your School

For District Leaders, Principals, Teachers, and CS Advocates Interested in Increasing CS Opportunities for All Students

CS has the potential to empower students to discover innovative solutions to problems in their communities, to explore new means of communication and creative expression, and to learn about college majors or careers they might never thought were possible.

However, current racial and gender disparities limit students’ full access to quality computer science education.

This guide, developed by administrators across the state of California, is intended to inform education leaders about how to bring equitable CS into their schools.  

The guide has three main purposes: 

  1. To explore the challenges, opportunities, and consequences for implementing equity-minded K-12 computer science; and
  2. To demonstrate useful examples of schools and district leaders that have connected equity and computer science implementation; and
  3. To offer suggestions for additional resources to confront inequity in computer science education.

We hope this guide will aid you in using the lens of CS to reflect on inequities that are embedded in our education system and how your role as an educational leader can address barriers, advocate for equitable access, and effect positive change in the movement towards high-quality K-12 education for all. 

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